Keep up with Kris' latest bookings, shows, and more! 

Potential Recurring Co-Star Booked!

Kris has booked a co-star, with the potential to be a recurring character, on a SAG-AFTRA pilot! Kris will be playing the first female client on a new series about a personal dating advisor.

It's been a CRAZY 6 months!

Kris sure has been keeping busy!

Not only is she now the voice of Florida Women's Hospitals, she's lent her voice to apps, medical companies, video games, and more! On camera, she's been hosting the Nerdwire News Tuesdays-Thursdays, which you can catch on YouTube or on Roku where its being featured, and filmed a Nerdwire pilot which will air this month! 

Biggest and best of all: Kris got married! She and comedian Logan Pietz tied the knot May 5th.

The best is yet to come! 

Starting 2018 with a Bang!

2018 is already busy for Kris! Not only is the she a voice in a new indie horror game, she's also heading back to NCSoft's immensely popular Blade & Soul!